Monday, September 14, 2009


Hellllllloooooo!!!! I am quite sure no one even reads my blog anymore...but, just in case you do....I am keeping up with Facebook MUCH better these days than my blog =( It's true. But I have to Sweetie Pie of a husband took me on a surprise getaway last week to Asheville North Carolina!!!!!!!! I think that is the state where The Nester abides????? Well, to some, this trip would not be called a getaway...but for me...I enjoyed every stinkin' minute!! We went to a cooking school for AGA owners only!!!!! We cooked and we cooked and we cooked and it was soooo much fun!!! I feel like I am ready to send in my application for The Next Food Network Star!!!! Heee hee!! Man, if you are from around here, just pop in and I'll just whip you up a little lemon curd tartlet or some couer a la creme filled crepes with some amazing blueberry sauce drizzled alllll over it =) Mmmmmmm!!!! I can't wait to get started on all the things we learned. It might sound a little cheesey but I loved learning all of this stuff together =) Okay, so....there ya go....that's a little wrap up and oh yea....the kids are in pre-k and 2nd grade this year ;) hee heeee!!!! If you are on Facebook...look me up!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Computer woes

Don't have but a minute...I've got to be finalizing knobs for the house ya know :) Just wanted to let my faithful readers know that I love you all.....I'm sorry I haven't been around leavin' you any love...but my computer got a really really bad virus and now I've been without a computer since last Friday. Gettin' lots of things done blog distractions or Facebookin' for me :( I am borrowing Brian's laptop and I sware...I cannot type on a laptop to save my soul...hate it! So, just know, that I miss you all...I'm alive and hopefully I'll be up and running again real soon :) Until then, have a blessed Holy Week!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lighting and Carpet and Knobs---OH MY!


Wow! Has it really been 18 days since my last post??? And since my Naughty Puppy has reared his cute little face??? Say it ain't so?!!

Well, nothing really new...except March is a pretty busy month with my birthday (WORST day I can remember having in a very long time! I KNOW! AND it ended with me spilling ICE COLD WATER all down my pants while sitting in the car! Um, yea, it was ugly ya'll! U-G-L-Y!) and Jake's birthday :) I guess I should've blogged about that huh? Still building this house :( Painters chose a satin finish on some of the walls instead of THAT was interesting :( All was rectified and I brought a peace offering of Miniature Cadbury eggs to my painters. Yea, if you've never tried them...seriously, run right out, right now and buy 4 packages...cause you'll be sad if you only buy one :) They are not the ones that are filled with that filling...they are just chocolate...and they are just soooo good :) I know this is such a lame post...but really it's just a lot of Star Wars and finalizing house decisions around here right now. I'm just ready to move. I know it will be here all too soon...and I'll be stressed about that too...

Oh! This is pretty awesome...well it is to me anyway....Brian and I have COMMITTED to having dinner AS A FAMILY...EVERY NIGHT (as much as possible anyways!) at 6:00!!!! This is a HUGE deal for us, as he generally doesn't get home until a little later and I am usually the one sitting down with the boys :( This has really been on our minds lately and we both feel very strongly how important a family meal is. Soooo, we are one for one right now :) YAY! So, will you tell me...what time do you eat dinner???? And how do you handle snacks up until that time?? Yesterday worked out really well....but I know I'm gonna hit a wall. So, all my smart, bloggy friends...can you help a girl out??!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

NAUGHTY PUPPY....take THREE!!!!!!!!!

( Sorry, no flash....but if you look's Naughty a different bathroom today!)

Yep! This bloggin' stuff is really easy when you have a puppy around to give you allllll kinds of things each day to comment about!!

So, you might say, "Staci...why not just keep your bathroom door closed?? Maybe THIS would keep him from getting to the paper, yes?" And I would say to you, "yes, I do try to remember to do that....I do have two little people that forget to close the door behind's hard enough to get them to put down the seat, which, in this you can see, someone did not." But, today...I DID close the bathroom door behind me....only Mac was left in the bathroom :( Hmmm, I wish I could've seen his little face delighting in the fact that I closed him in the room he relishes being in :) So, maybe this post should be titled..."Naughty Mommy"???? Okay, well, I can't wait to see what this dog has in store for us tomorrow :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


OKKKKKAAAY, I managed to get locked out of our V-A-N today....BY MAC!!!! Luckily, Brian was on his way home and was meeting me at the new house...I had left my cell phone with Connor (who was at home playing Webkinz. Before you go all DHS on me...our new house is RIGHT around the corner and I was going to be gone for 10 minutes tops! I knowwww things can still happen, but don't think horribly of me!) So, anyway, Brian thought it was super funny and decided to grab the camera and "take a picture...for your blog!" Thanks Babe! So, just a reminder to everyone out there...don't leave your car running for a millisecond and unlock your COULD get locked out :( Oh Mac, how I love ya!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, I had just sat down to do a little surfing for some hardware for the new house...had gotten Jake all set up for some Star Wars Wii time (I know, horrible Mom)...and then, I knew it was tooooo quiet and noooo movement around. I knew EXACTLY where that naughty puppy was. He had just seen me put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder. He can't resist :) Ah well, it's easy clean up and that face...HOW could I be mad at that face????? I'm reminded...he needs a bath :( And THIS is once again...why I do not have hardware picked out yet!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Connor's Big Day!!!

It was a big day at the Amy household....


He has been wanting to do this for a lonnnng time. I am really fine with it...I had just never called to make arrangements for the bus driver to work him into the route. It was all rather simple...I guess they really do want to make every effort to get kids to it was a simple phone call...and that next Monday...he was a bus rider! That was the longest weekend for that kid :) He could NOT wait! He loves it...and it really does make it kinda nice for me too :) Sooo, of course now he is asking when he can ride it to school in the mornings :)

Sorry for not updating much lately...ya know, it's all about this new house building thing right now :) We are hoping to move in April!! YAY!